Osteoporosis Awareness Month: The Power of Diet in Managing Bone Health!

 Osteoporosis Awareness Month: The Power of Diet in Managing Bone Health! 
This month, we're focusing on osteoporosis, and a vital aspect often overlooked is the role of diet in managing this condition. 
Many patients are unaware of the nutritional choices that can help strengthen their bones. Bone-boosting foods include dried apricots, nuts, seeds, a few tablespoons of Greek yogurt, a matchbox-sized piece of cheese, and a standard glass of semi-skimmed milk, which surprisingly has more calcium than full-fat or skimmed milk. . When you visit us, we'll dive deeper into diet, including what foods to avoid like excessive caffeine and alcohol, which can hinder nutrient absorption. 
Diet plays a crucial role in managing osteoporosis, and we’re here to empower you with the knowledge you need. If you're curious about how dietary changes can aid your condition or just want more advice, please come in for a chat. We're eager to help...
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Osteoporosis Awareness Month - How Osteopathy Can Help!

 Osteoporosis Awareness Month - How Osteopathy Can Help! 
Let’s talk about key areas prone to osteoporosis like where the neck meets the upper back and where the upper back meets the lower back. These are crucial pressure points on the spine often affected by osteoporosis.
Through gentle exercises, stretches, and mobilisations within our clinic, plus some lifestyle tweaks, we can greatly boost comfort levels and potentially slow the progression of osteoporosis changes in the spine. 
Interested in making a positive change? Give us a shout, book a session, and let us take fantastic care of you! 
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Is Osteopathy Suitable If You Have Osteoporosis?

Wondering if osteopathy suits those with osteoporosis? Absolutely! Osteopaths tailor their approach to ensure it's gentle and safe, focusing on improving mobility and posture without stressing fragile bones. 
Always consult a practitioner experienced in osteoporosis care to get personalised, safe treatment advice. It could be a splendid addition to your wellness routine! 
Watch our video to see how we adapt treatments for people with osteoporosis
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Ice or Heat for Injury? Find Out What's Best!

Confused about whether to reach for an ice pack or a hot water bottle when you've got an injury? You're not alone! Each method has its benefits, depending on the type of injury and the timing. 
To dive deeper into which is best for your situation and why, we've got just the thing. Check out our latest video for a full explanation from our experts at Cram Osteopaths. They'll guide you through making the right choice to support your recovery. 
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Quick Golf Warm-Up Tip from Cram Osteopaths

Quick Golf Warm-Up Tip from Cram Osteopaths 
As the golf season swings in, remember to warm up to avoid stiffness and back pain. Just 5 mins in the rough with two clubs can do wonders: start with quarter swings and progress to full swings. This simple routine can improve your game and prevent injuries. 
Feeling sore post-round? Drop by our clinic for a tune-up. Let's get you swinging smoother and scoring better! 
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Osteopathy and Shockwave patient testimonial

Hear it straight from those who've experienced the change
'Absolutely fabulous! My Pain score has gone from very high to nothing in the course of a few weeks'
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What treatment options do I have for treating Stenosis?


Curious about treating Stenosis? Stenosis refers to the narrowing of spaces in your spine, often leading to discomfort. One promising option is IDD Therapy, a non-invasive approach that targets the root cause. Discover how it could ease your symptoms.

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We Treat More Than Just Backs

‍ 'At Cram Osteopaths, We Treat More Than Just Backs' ‍
Embark on a journey to wellness with Cram Osteopaths! Our expert team offers an extensive range of treatments, from back care to disc injuries, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and more.
We're proud to provide innovative therapies like IDD Therapy for spinal health and Shockwave Therapy for effective recovery in various conditions.
Together, let's pave the path to better health with our comprehensive and advanced treatment options.
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What can help treat Tendonitis?

Unlocking the Potential of Shockwave Therapy for Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis
Exploring Shockwave Therapy: A revolutionary, non-invasive treatment.
Using high-energy sound waves to effectively heal tendons and ligaments.
Treats various forms of tendonitis, including Achilles, shoulder, and elbow, as well as plantar fasciitis.
A beneficial alternative to medication or surgical interventions.
Offers significant relief and aids in the recovery of individuals suffering from tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.
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Find Relief from Disc Injuries with IDD Therapy!

Find Relief from Disc Injuries with IDD Therapy!
Struggling with back pain?  IDD Therapy can help!
What is IDD? Non-invasive treatment for herniated discs, sciatica, and more.
 Benefits: Targeted pain relief, improves mobility, and a non-surgical solution!
Why Choose IDD?
Non-Invasive & Comfortable 
Effective Pain Management 
Enhances Mobility & Quality of Life 
Join many who've found relief with IDD Therapy! Ideal for chronic back pain and disc issues. 
Interested? Contact us for a consultation and start your journey to a pain-free life! 
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