IDD Patient Testimonial

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2023
'Since I've been coming here I've been walking straight and there is no need for pain killers' -William
IDD has helped so many of our patients, if you think IDD could help you and get you out of pain then give us a call on 0141 3390894 or visit for
more information.
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How can Osteopaths help boost performance?

Hey everyone, it's Michael Brown from Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow!
Today, I've got an important topic to discuss – how we're here to boost your performance! Whether it's nailing your work goals without those distracting desk pains, or conquering daily tasks at home without that nagging backache, we've got your back (pun intended)! And hey, all you athletes out there pushing for that marathon – if your knees are giving you a hard time, we're here to step in and help you cross that finish line strong! ‍‍
Pain can really put a damper on your performance, whether it's at home, work, or even in your personal challenges. But guess what? You don't have to endure it any longer! Just reach out to us, and we'll be your partners on the journey to wellness. Don't let pain hold you back – give us a call, and let's work together towards a happier, healthier you!
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IDD Patient Testimonial


'Life is getting back to normal and i'm managing again to do all the things I could do before hurting my back' It's always good to hear when we can help a patient get back to their life before back pain.

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IDD Therapy

Does this describe you?
- Have you been diagnosed with a herniated or prolapsed disc in your neck or lower back?
- Are you struggling to perform everyday activities like sitting, walking, and getting dressed? ‍
- Is the pain disrupting your sleep?
- Are you relying on painkillers constantly?
- Have you tried other treatments like physiotherapy or osteopathy, only to be disappointed by the results? ‍
- Have you undergone injections, only to find that the pain returned?
- Are you seeking a long-term solution and hoping to avoid surgery?
If you answered yes to any of these, IDD Therapy could be the perfect solution for you. 
At Cram Osteopaths in Glasgow, we specialize in treating patients just like you with our effective IDD Therapy Program.
Don't let the pain control your life any longer. Reach out to us today on 0141 339 0894 and discover how IDD Therapy can make a difference for you.
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Osteopathy and Shockwave patient testimonial

'Absolutely fantastic! My pain score has gone from very high to very low in a few weeks.'
We are always so happy to help our patients get back to their lives and doing activities that they enjoy.
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How to pick your kids up safely

How to pick your kids up safely 
We constantly see injuries in clinic where someone has lifted incorrectly. This isn't just from at the gym, we also see injuries from doing every day activities. As summer approaches to avoid hurting yourself lifting your children, watch for some helpful tips on ways to prevent injuring your back.
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Mens Health Week 2023

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2023
Men's Health Week 2023 
Meet Michael Fraser Consultant Urologist specialising in Andrology at Cram Osteopaths.
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How can I garden without hurting my back?

June is here and this is when we see lots of gardening injuries.
Here are some helpful tips on how can you still get out gardening, but also look after your back at the same time.
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Feed your Bones🦴🥛

Feed your Bones
A balanced diet is important to keep your body healthy and keeping the bones strong.
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What simple stretches can I do?

Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month
A few basic stretches from Joanna to help relax your posture.  When you come to see us at Cram Osteopaths we will tailor the exercises in your recovery plan, to help with your individual needs.
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